07 Aug 2012

DaVinci Resolve 9 DEMO

Blackmagic Design has recently released the brand new DaVinci Resolve 9 in public Beta. So what does this mean? Well by going to their website you can download the new update. If you currently have the full license it will ask you for your serial number. If you just have the Lite version then you can download it for free! If your interested in watching more great DaVinci Resolve tutorials then visit Color Grading Central on their DaVinci Resolve page. Enjoy the Demo!

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18 Jul 2012

Power Grades you can buy for DaVinci Resolve

When I first saw this demo video on YouTube I thought well how cool is this. If you’re stuck in a rut creatively you can purchase Power Grades from Denver Riddle and use them in DaVinci Resolve! The demo video is pretty cool and show a variety of different power grades being used. It’s worth checking out and visiting Color Grading Central’s website.

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10 Jul 2012

Getting a project into DaVinci Resolve

The first thing that you might ask yourself after downloading and installing the free Lite version of DaVinci Resolve, is how and the heck to a get a project into Resolve for color grading? Well here’s a tutorial that I believe that you’ll find beneficial and was taken from the incredible DaVinci Resolve resource. Just follow this tutorial and you’ll be grading before too long. Hope that you enjoy this “how to” video for Resolve :)

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02 Jul 2012

Using the amazing DaVinci Resolve scene detect

In this post I’m featuring a tutorial on how to use the amazing DaVinci Resolve scene detect feature to add splits to a project that you don’t have the edit files to. Just simply drop the project in and enable the scene detect feature and presto! I suggest visiting Color Grading Central if you want to learn more about DaVinci Resolve. Otherwise you can view some their tutorials here. Hope that you enjoy learning about color and it’s ability to help the audience engage with the story and improve the production value of a video.

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27 Jun 2012

Another grading Tutorial for DaVinci Resolve (Setting Exposure)

Sometimes you may wonder what is the ideal exposure for skin tones. Well here is a color grading tutorial that explains how to set the proper exposure borrowing from the Ansel Adams Zone System. If you are currently running DaVinci Resolve then this will be great exercise on color correction. More DaVinci Resolve tutorials can be found at: Color Grading Central.

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06 Jun 2012

DaVinci tutorial that explains how to roundtrip pt 2

This is part 2 on how to round trip a project from DaVinci Resolve after you’re finished color grading back to the client for final delivery. I hope that you’ve enjoyed this learning series and you can even find training at Color Grading Central on their dedicated DaVinci Resolve page! Let me know if you’d be interested in getting more tutorials featured on Digital Cinema Foundry.

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05 Jun 2012

DaVinci Tutorial the explains roundtripping pt 1

Here’s a cool grading tutorial that you might be interested in. By the way you can see more of these DaVinci Resolve tutorials by visiting Color Grading Central. Anyways if you’ve wondered what the best approach was to get a project from the client so you could color grade it for them and then to send it back to them well appreciate this “how to” video. This tutorial will explain how to you use XML’s to roundtrip a project from the editor to DaVinci Resolve. Enjoy!

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28 May 2012

A DaVinci Resolve tutorial on creating a Cross Processing Look

Here’s a cool how to tutorial on how to create the ever popular cross process look made popular in photography. It is achieved by crossing the chemicals used in film processing. This color grading tutorial shows how to artificially imitate this look. Find out more by visiting Color Grading Central.

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08 May 2012

Here’s a DaVinci Resolve tutorial on dialing looks to taste

Here’s a tutorial where dialing looks to taste is explained. It is better to go extreme with a look and then to dial back the opacity until it suits your taste. If you’re looking to learn DaVinci Resolve this is a powerful technique and you can learn more about color grading with DaVinci Resolve at Color Grading Central

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31 Aug 2011

Pretty Little World – Color Graded in Final Cut Pro X

Music video shot and produced as a collaborative effort amongst friends featuring Jeremiah Dunlap of Northern Colors. Credits to follow. I was tasked with color correcting or color grading Pretty Little World and wanted to try out the new color tools in Final Cut Pro X. Read more about the tools I used…

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03 Aug 2011

A Young Filmmaker

Bryce Olson is a 15 year old up and comer. This is only his first serious attempt at filmmaking and he’s already showing promise. I was impressed by his attention to detail and showing visuals that support the story, (something that is often forgotten about). Rather than writing this young lad off, I’m sharing it with you so please “like” it or share feedback by commenting on his YouTube video!

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20 Jul 2011

Color Grading Resource at Color Grading Central

I have launched my new website dedicated to color grading. You’ll find color grading tutorials and grade presets. Check it out after the break.

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01 Jul 2011

HD 1080P Ignition Pack (16 Pack), Plus FREE (3 Pack)

Get access to Aaron Sorensen’s really cool Ignition Pack. Aaron is a really good friend of mine and really gifted visual effects artist. He can not only pull off the technical but the artistic most importantly. What’s even cooler is that fact that he’s opened up his latest visual effects creation for download. And what better video to add these effects to then the super talented Devin Graham’s “Homemade Fireworks – Great balls of fire” video ! Imagine how his Ignition Pack will look on your project. Check out his FREE Small Ignition (3 Pack) after the break…

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21 Jun 2011

FCP X First Review: Autobalance Color Simply Won’t Work Adequately

As a colorist I’ve had a great interest in what would become of Apple Color. Though its fate is still not known. I thought that upon first launching FCP X for the first time I would do some digging around with its color correction tools. In terms of workflow I have to say that it is better and more intuitive than FCP 7’s 3 Way Color Corrector as it incorporates similar approach to Apple Color’s hsl curves/lines found in the secondary room for hue, saturation and luma adjustments. Read more…

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21 Jun 2011

Just Purchased FCP X at $299 from the App Store

Just purchased FCP X from the App store for $299 and I’m waiting for the download to finish. It’s about a 20 minute download on my connection and its 1.43 Gb in size. It appears (unless of course there’s a later release but I wouldn’t count on it) Apple Color and Soundtrack Pro have been implemented within the FXP X framework but time will only tell and we can only expect speculation. Looking forward to diving into and testing it out. Will post updates from my testing.

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