Canon A1 Replacement? has just posted a rather lengthy article on the new XH-A1 replacement coming some time this year. A solid state version of the XH series, with a recording format of 50Mbps MPEG-2 Full HD video. Also a 4:2:2 color space and dual card slots which will most likely take the SD card format. Sounds exciting eh? Here’s the kicker. 1/3 inch CCD chips!!! Wait…Did I hear that correctly? 1/3 inch sensors?

Chris Hurd’s article discusses the reason for the limitations on sensor size, al a lens limitations, challenges to Canon’s professional cinema line of lenses, global shutter issues, etc.

Perhaps we will see more changes to this camera, as it’s expected launch is later this year.

Read the entire article at dvinfo.


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David RuzickaFebruary 19, 2010 10:17 pm

Besides the SD card instead HDV what is the difference from XHA1? These guys are just shooting them-self in a foot. They could own the market if they just put 2+2 together, or at least listen to customers.

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ryanhinman February 22 2010 13:33 pm

Hi David,
We have seen stranger things haven't we? Like putting a Vista Vision sized sensor into a DSLR body! Not really sure what market they are tackling, though if they bumped that sensor up to at least a 1/2 inch, this thing may have some legs and be able to compete better against Sony. We'll wait and see.

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