Canon USA has released an official announcement concerning the EOS Movie Plugin-E1, a native Final Cut plugin that allows Canon users to log and transcode video files from EOS DSLR’s into a usable Final Cut codec (specifically Prores codecs).
Highlights include the following:

  • 3x faster transcoding than Compressor
  • Disk Image creation to free up your CF cards
  • Time Code added to each clip

An obvious omission is functionality for the T1i and no mention at all of the T2i. They have stated that T1i functionality will be included at a later date. I imagine this has something to do with the CF card readability versus the SD cards. I’m guessing that this document was also drafted pre-T2i announcement, thus the omission. Any thoughts on this are welcome.

The document mentions a release date of early March.

Here’s the link to the official document.

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