22 Feb 2010

Update: Nuite Blanche

We were also able to catchup with the director & director of cinematography Arev Manoukian of the hugely successful Nuite Blanche on vimeo to feature his write-up. Arev Manoukian is a director over at Spy Films. The same production company that Neill Blomkamp, writer director of District 9 hails from. But more on Arev manoukian, here is his bio taken from Spy Films:

Raised in a family of artists and engineers in Montreal, Arev Manoukain plays with art and technology to tell stories in ways that challenge his imagination. Ever meticulous in his work, Arev thrives on being involved in all aspects of filmmaking from pre-visualizing his concepts to cinematography and music. He recently turned one of his day dreams into a short film, the stunning hyper-real fantasy Nuite Blanche.

After studying film in Toronto, Arev soon began directing music videos for local bands which went to air on Much Music. Lately, he has directed interactive jobs for clients such as Mazda, Axe, Wrigley Gum, 20th Century Fox and the NFL. Arev directed Nokia’s interactive commercial “The Passenger,” a Cannes Cyber Lion and One Show finalist.

Here is his write-up:
I was the director/cinematographer so it was an easy collaboration :) The vfx supervision role was shared with Marc Andre Gray. Best thing is to watch the making if you have not seen it http://vimeo.com/9076775

100% was shot in a green screen studio.

Lighting had to be extremely bright as we were shooting slow mo up to 2000fps. I used a few mole nine lights and sometimes I was lighting close ups with about 35k watt worth of tungsten light. Any bulb under 2k would flicker at those frame rates. We had so much light on set that the gaffer got a sun burn on his neck on the first day (i am not kidding)

live action was a dvcpro hd camera and slow mo cam was a photron APX.

Behind the scenes making of:

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Update: Nuite Blanche, 9.8 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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GiorgioFebruary 22, 2010 8:45 pm

thank you so much for sharing this. This is so valuable.
Indeed one of the best films ever.

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