In the spirit of what we try to bring you here at digital cinema foundry, namely behind the scenes production write-ups. Shane Hurlbut, ASC has put together a behind the scenes video, viewable here and write-up on his blog.

Here are details from our EPK crew on “The Last 3 Minutes.” With this first person perspective, it is not like a scene where you do a wide shot and then go in for coverage. It plays out like a play where everything has to work. If you did a normal scene, there would be 5 takes on a master, 6 takes on over the shoulder, another 6 takes on over the shoulder, 4 takes on a close-up and 4 takes on another close-up. We did 10-20 takes so it all worked as one shot which was very challenging. One of the most difficult things in film making is to have it all happen in one shot and not breaking it up into individual set-ups. Here is how we did it.

Here is the post: The Making of “The Last 3 Minutes” | Hurlbut Visuals

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