The band Stephane & 3G were attracted to talented L.A. colorist Jake Blackstone. The crazy thing is the band hails from the Republic of Georgia (remember that little country bordering Russia) and became attracted to Jake’s work after finding it on Vimeo. Proof of a few significant things:

1) That you can lands jobs via Vimeo
2) That small boutique color grading shops are relevant
3) Further proof we live in a global community

Jake has shared with us some of his color insights to the project so we’d like to thank him for his contribution to the community. So we hope you enjoy the music video and the remarkable color grading!


I was contacted by the producer of the music video. They saw my work on Vimeo and director felt, that my style of color sensibilities was very close to what they were looking for in the video for Stephane and 3G.
Director was very adamant about seeing very bright and well saturated images. The idea of the video is the juxtaposition of the two worlds- above and under ground. They even ended up employing two different DPs for the shoot. I was sent a few reference images for the main scenes in the video. Those are rose and purple scene in the beauty salon, blue DJ scene, dark underground world and finally yellow car, with a few others in between. The beauty salon ended up pretty much like the reference shot of lady Gaga. In those shots I did key her skin, so I was able to brighten it up somewhat, as well as use that key for slight defocus. The blue DJ was a bit different. Director wanted a more traditional blue look and, of coarse, that is what he ended up getting, but for my own version I wanted a bit more of aquamarine tone. That was easily “fixed” with a simple blue secondary tweak. The most challenging but also the most interesting scene, ended up being the scenes of Stephane dancing underground. I was left free to explore different looks and I hit upon very simple, quite interesting grade. By keying blacks, I was able to separate the picture to low light areas and high light area. That way I didn’t have to pull and push the picture, in order to achieve the desired look. I ended up with another mask over Stephane to brighten him up and for separate control of his blue clothing and yellow-like cave surroundings. Then I got lucky. I tried to apply the grade for underground of Stephane to the dance scene in the studio with the car and it just worked. Just a minor level tweak and that was it. Both scenes have pretty much the same grade.
All in all, it was pretty extensive grade, as the client was on the other side of the world in Republic of Georgia. Red files were sent to me on the hard drive, that took almost a week each way. I had sent many screen captures and quicktime files for approval. And we worked under very tight deadline. At the end we just barely made the deadline. Client was very happy with the results and we just had wrapped a second job-a beer commercial. Video now is in a regular MTV Europe rotation and last week it reached 10th spot in popularity.


Stephane Mgebrishvili
Tako Gachechiladze
Kristine Imedadze
Nini Badurashvili

Production Company: Positive Production
Production Team :
Directed By : Dima Chkheidze
Director of Photography Goga Devdariani, Giorgi Shvelidze, Omar Gelashvili , Biba
Production Designer : Dodoshka Chkheidze

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jim GarrowApril 22, 2010 9:30 pm

Good lookin piece.

Jim Garrow “Keep Me Posted”

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