The amazing talented Régis Hervagault of France was charged with creating an opener to the 12th Annual Laval Virtual Awards show. Using the Canon 5D Mark II, mad skills and eye for lighting in color, Régis has produced this extraordinary piece. If you’re interested in shooting fashion or bridals you’d do well to take note. Régis has put together a very comprehensive behind the scenes write-up, that’s our pleasure to bring you.

Behind the scenes making of:

about the imagemaker :
Régis Hervagault is a creative maverick producing eyecandy. born in western france and a pioneering figure of the local electronic music scene, he has been involved with computer graphics since the 80s, advocating the digital convergence and exploring new media aesthetics. his multiple creative output and commissionned works have been screened worldwide at both underground and corporate events and now shared online thanks to the advent of video streaming. an early adopter of Canon DSLRs to produce moving images, he is currently busy crafting non-narrative shorts using a growing collection of vintage lenses.

about the context :
Laval Virtual is the number one european show and professional meeting where businesses, researchers and students gather each year around the latest trends in immersive and interactive technologies. The main area is a big showroom with every major player as well as innovative newcomers sharing their latest advances. A scientific congress with keynotes and workshops also happens parallel to students competitions ending up in the Awards ceremony highlighting selected projects in 16 different categories. Internationally recognised as one of the three main events in the field, the LAVAL VIRTUAL show brings together contributors from more than 40 countries round the globe.

a rapid look at the ambiance on the Pro days:
and the entertaining Public days :

This video launched the Awards ceremony to an audience of 500 major geeks, scientists and journalists :

It was part of a larger motion graphics package that i did for the 12th international conference on virtual reality including a show opener, full titles and jingles for sponsors and final teaser announcing the next edition.
Everything was rear projected on stage to a 12.5 meter wide screen with dual 12K lumen Barco and looked gorgeous. there was a surprised and enthusiastic response from the public at the moment our digital mistress arrived on stage at the end of the video…

quick timelapse of the 2 hour ceremony:
basic motion graphics building block:

Tech Talk / Behind the scenes….

The brief was loosely to abstract the technology as it now integrates into everyday objects who react to the blink of an eye or by simply pointing a finger. recent advances have come a long way from the early days of heavy interfaces, harnesses, visio helmets etc… so we wished to rejuvenate the clichés and bring back a touch of class. This year, a new face would join the team on stage to give away the trophies so we needed a nice way to introduce her too.  we decided to surround her with jewels as metaphoric cues for the selection process to emphasize the value of winning projects.

Our talent was cast in december ( and we took many reference shots of the conference places to establish a possible storyline.
After extensive location scouting, we decided to simply walk her through the key places of the conference collecting several award trophies as a gimmick on her way to the venue.
The event being focused on computer graphics and 3D, it was the first time something from a DSLR would be screened here so we would focus on making it visually stunning.
We aimed to animate the concept inspired by the event poster like a 2 minute fashion advert without getting further into narrative.

So we went twice on location shooting mainly around the magic hour with that sunset golden quality of light for a warmer feel on backlit silhouettes and lens flares.
Using heavy ND filtering and two big 5-in-1 reflectors to control light, we could record optical glints that would manifest while experimenting with handheld split dioptres and light modifiers.

At night, we used faster lenses allowing for quick run n gun setups in available light to manage multiple takes at various angles before moving onto the next spot.
We strived to keep a rushed guerilla approach while maintaining enough spare time for catching some interesting light effects on our way from the hotel to the theatre…

We used the Canon 5D mark II with a versatile set of  favourite old manual M42 primes mostly from USSR and East Germany harnessing their low contrast and beautiful color rendition.
everything was shot in ‘neutral’ mode with sharpness dialed down to a single notch, contrast all the way down and saturation down by 1 notch.
Shutter at 1/50th to help with the cinematic feel and ISOs stayed on 160, 320, 640 or 1250.
90% of the look was achieved on location with filtering and in camera adjusting the white balance shift to taste as the lighting conditions evolved.
besides balancing exposure between shots, very little grading was done in post except adding a hint of mojo to enhance the filmic look.
the whole project was edited in sony vegas with motion graphics bits and pieces done in after effects.

Many beautiful shots didn’t make it into the final cut to keep it under 2 minutes so there might be a followup or director’s cut someday after current projects complete and time allows…

The music is from MinionTV, a post rock band from Liverpool with an an excellent debut album just released.
They had called out filmmakers to create music videos to support the release so we agreed upon using one of their haunting tracks.

Gear :
Canon 5D mark II with M42 to EOS adapter
Shoot35 rails and Cinefocus followfocus
E-Image 717 tripod
Habbycam SD Brace
Steadicam Pilot Arm & Vest + Custom sled

Glass (M42) :
Vivitar 28mm f2.0 Close Focus
Porst 35mm f1.8
Mir-24H 35mm f2.0
Super Takumar 50mm f1.4
Helios 44M-6 58mm f2.0
Helios 40-2 85mm f1.5
Jupiter-9 85mm f2.0
Vivitar 90mm f2.5 macro
Porst 135mm f1.8
Jupiter 6-2 180mm f2.8

Cokin P holder with ND2, ND4, ND8 + ND grads & Diffusion 1, 2
lightcraft workshop 77mm Fader ND + slim Circular Polarizer
an extensive custom kit of diopters cut to specs at the local mirror factory (+1, +2, +4, +10)

Gossen Sixticolor colormeter
Tritone grey card
110cm  5-in-1 reflector x2

Cast & Crew :
image : Régis Hervagault
music : MinionTV
cast : Sihèm Zeghbab
grip : Fabien Falcetta
hair : Jennifer Cousin
makeup : Virginie Aubin
wardrobe : Emmanuelle Segura

many thanks to Joachim Barège, Gwendoline Galou, Florian Dagué, Laurent Granier, Matthieu Lépine, Marie-Laure Pérès and everyone who have contributed to this project.

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jerome ParessantMay 4, 2010 1:48 pm

Great work !

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