David Altrogge at Vinegar Hill Pictures also directed this amazing music video. Shot on a 35mm adapter (some still being used) great directing, lighting and exceptional coloring in Magic Bullet Looks, I’m sure this video will impress, plus a great band. Please be sure to rate it!

Vinegar Hill Pictures Website
Reilly the Band

Production write-up:
The Sunlight music video was certainly one of the most intense film shoots we’ve ever had as a company. Our original plan was to shoot it over three days in December. Two days would be spent filming the concept portions of the video, one day spent filming the performance elements. However, day one of filming brought freezing rain…and lots of it. Now freezing rain is hard enough to deal with. Add to that two twelve year old actors who are dressed in old, very un-water-resistant costumes, and that’s a case of pneumonia waiting to happen. By noon of day one, we had a soaked cast and crew, rain that showed no signs of letting up, and two very unusable shots. We decided to call it and reconvene the next day.

Over the next two days we kept moving forward with the schedule. Although the rain subsided, the cold increased. I had a PA dedicated to making sure our two actors always had hand warmers, jackets, hot chocolate, anything to keep them warm. We had cups of coffee freezing solid (no joke). But, no one came down with hypothermia, and we were able to get all the coverage we needed.

Our equipment set up was pretty bare bones. We shot it on a Sony HVR-S270U with a Letus Extreme 35mm adapter and a set of Nikon prime lenses. The HVR is a bear of a camera to begin with. Add to it the Letus and a 135mm prime lens and you’ve got something that is just shy of 3 feet long and weighs around 30lbs. With all that gear on it, it starts to look like a cannon or grenade launcher. My Director of Photography, Mike Hartnett, and I both wanted the piece to have a lot of Paul Greengrass style handheld camera work in it, so you can imagine that operating the camera gave Mike quite a work out. We pulled the Letus off of the camera to film the chase sequence and shot it with the kit lens. Mike told me flat out that sprinting through the woods with the Letus rig on the camera was not going to happen. Besides, the shots from that sequence were going to be frenetic and fast cutting, so the audience wouldn’t notice a difference in image quality.

The only other equipment we had was a field monitor, set of sticks, and an old doorway dolly.

We spent about 60 hours editing the piece (we had to rotoscope out some cars from performance segments which was a treat) and did the color grading in Magic Bullet.


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"Sunlight" Music Video by Reilly, 10.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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