Just purchased FCP X from the App store for $299 and I’m waiting for the download to finish. It’s about a 20 minute download on my connection and its 1.43 Gb in size. It appears (unless of course there’s a later release but I wouldn’t count on it) Apple Color and Soundtrack Pro have been implemented within the FXP X framework but time will only tell and we can only expect speculation. Looking forward to diving into and testing it out. Will post updates from my testing.

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Just Purchased FCP X at $299 from the App Store, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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Chris McCordJuly 13, 2011 3:17 am

No updates on your testin of FCP X? Wondering if I should purchase it or stick with my iMovie FCXP?

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denverkr July 13 2011 06:33 am

Great question! I've been overwhelmed with work and so I havent' been able to put my final review together but I have been continuing to use FCP X. My short answer would be YES depending on what your needs are. I think what Apple did was a smart marketing move. They definitely pissed their top editors off and you can see that backlack. If you think of the editing market like a pyramid with the iMovie and FCE users at the bottom and the top editors at the top. There is a large disparity between editors who just edit their home movies for fun and those who make a living editing. Apple has targeted this mid market with FCP X, it will encourage those who edit their own projects to take a leap from iMovie or FCE. The top editors will either jump ship or wait until FCP X has the features they need which were missing at launch, which Apple does intend on doing. So if you've been using FCE or iMovie and are serious about taking the plunge then I'd take it to the next level with FCP X. If you want to be an editor for a living then I would suggest learning Avid or Premiere in that order. Hope that helps!

Denver Riddle

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