Want access to the same visual effects as in the video above?
Get VFX Artist Aarons Sorensen’s HD 1080P Ignition Pack (16 Pack)
Try out his Small Ignition (3 Pack) for FREE

In case you wanted to watch the video again:

Only $39 for Instant Download

Today only $19 with Promo Code “devgraham”

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Ignition Pack (16 Pack)
*Lens flares NOT included*

Try out Aaron’s FREE Small Ignition (3 Pack)
FREE Download

How to use:

  • Import a shot from the ‘Ignition Pack’
  • Place the Ignition shot in a layer ABOVE your footage
  • Use one of two of the compositing modes “screen” or “add”

For additional tips and tricks watch this video tutorial:

What Aaron says:
After creating and compositing firework effects for Devin Graham’s recent YouTube video; I decided to give out three firework effects (Small Ignition Pack) for FREE.
And now I am adding the SIXTEEN other firework effects in my Ignition Pack (16 Pack)

This Ignition Pack is in HD 1080P sixteen-variety pack of firework explosions that can easily be composited into your footage. Great for compositing over a day or nighttime sky. And if you have any questions or aren’t satisfied for whatever reason please email me and I will provide a full REFUND. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Aaron Sorensen
VFX Artist


  • 16 Custom built Firework Effects
  • HD 1080P
  • H.264
  • Instant Download
  • Cross Platform/Application Compatible

Ignition Pack (16 Pack)

Buy Now

Only $39 for Instant Download

Today only $19 with Promo Code “devgraham”

*Lens flares NOT included*

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HD 1080P Ignition Pack (16 Pack), Plus FREE (3 Pack), 8.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings

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