"Behind the Scenes"

03 Aug 2011

A Young Filmmaker

Bryce Olson is a 15 year old up and comer. This is only his first serious attempt at filmmaking and he’s already showing promise. I was impressed by his attention to detail and showing visuals that support the story, (something that is often forgotten about). Rather than writing this young lad off, I’m sharing it with you so please “like” it or share feedback by commenting on his YouTube video!

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25 Feb 2011

Patrick Lawler Demo Reel 2011

Friend to digital cinema foundry Patrick Lawler and often featured on dcf has just completed his 2011 demo reel. There is a lot of power in a demo reel. Read on…

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24 Feb 2011

As I Lay Dying “Anodyne Sea” Music Video and Behind the Scenes

Submitted by Mike Pecci complete with behind the scenes video, you may recognize the film burns in the video compliments of digital cinema foundry. Read on…

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16 Feb 2011

Hammock – Breathturn

From the album “Chasing After Shadows… Living with the Ghosts”

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11 Feb 2011

“Food Should Taste Good” Touchdown Dance Winner!

This one is just fun!

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09 Feb 2011

EPIC Tarp Surfing

Talented friend, cinematographer and BYU grad Devin Graham is living the dream producing creative videos in Hawaii all the while getting paid for it. Read on…

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04 Feb 2011

The conductor (director’s cut)

Shot as a part of the campaign for the National Museum of Hip Hop. Shot with a Canon 5D Mark II and Canon & Nikon Glass. Submitted by Ruben Late. Read on…

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02 Feb 2011

Clapton Fox – Scan Brown Mink

The official video for Clapton Fox’s “Scan Brown Mink”. The promo was shot in Dalston, East London on the Canon EOS 7D using the Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L and Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L lenses. Submitted by: Ben Lankester

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31 Jan 2011

Radiolab and NPR Present Words

A stunning film from Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante to accompany Radiolab’s Words episode. With an original score by Keith Kenniff. Shot on RED.

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28 Jan 2011

Kraak & Smaak

This is the video for Kraak & Smaak’s infectious song ‘Squeeze Me’. A Fingerflipping video for K&S. Duo-directed with Superelectric. Nominated: D&AD 2009. In-book honours for Kraak & Smaak “Squeeze me”. 1st place at music video festival in St.Petersburg and the Dutch Music video Competition.

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27 Jan 2011

official trailer of “INVINCIBLES” a Laurent Jamet film

“INVINCIBLES” is a film directed by Laurent Jamet, produced by Mog Production and Garchois Films.
There is a minority of people out there who considers skiing way more than just a passion. Skiing is what brought them back to life when things started to get tough.

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13 Aug 2010

The Interventionist – By Vinegar Hill

David Altrogge just sent us a link of his new short, The Interventionist. Rather than sending us a traditional write-up he sent us a video of him discussing the piece. We have featured David’s work in the past and are happy to share this with you as well. Enjoy his comments and the piece.

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21 Jul 2010

Brightwood “Swan Song”

Talented filmmaker Dillon Novak had submitted a couple music videos to us a couple of months back. We’re just now able to show them to you. The first that we will be featuring is Swan Song, beautifully shot and set to some really cool locations. Read on…

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02 Jul 2010

“The Raven” with Behind the Scenes Video

So I am quite a bit late on this but nonetheless “The Raven” has been experiencing great success on Vimeo, demonstrating what can be done on a micro budget $5K with the right talent and crew. Shot on RED and incorporating stunning visual effects, it’s short films like this that launches careers, think “District 9.” With behind the scenes video be sure to check it out. Read on…

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30 Jun 2010

“Souvenir” Commercial

Julien Taillez frequent contributor to digital cinema foundry and talented frenchman in cinematography and color grading in After Effects has shared this great commercial piece. It’s amazing to see what can be accomplished with the right talent, a good plan and multiple HDSLR cameras. Read on…

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