25 Feb 2011

Patrick Lawler Demo Reel 2011

Friend to digital cinema foundry Patrick Lawler and often featured on dcf has just completed his 2011 demo reel. There is a lot of power in a demo reel. Read on…

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30 Jun 2010

“Souvenir” Commercial

Julien Taillez frequent contributor to digital cinema foundry and talented frenchman in cinematography and color grading in After Effects has shared this great commercial piece. It’s amazing to see what can be accomplished with the right talent, a good plan and multiple HDSLR cameras. Read on…

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16 Jun 2010

“Save the Lost” campaign ad / free MBL presets

Solomon Ligthelm of Dubai (filmmaker, musician, motion graphics artist) has created this cool concept ad as part of a campaign for his church. He’s shared with us his production write-up, some screenshots and best of all his custom Magic Bullet Looks presets (that are available for download). Read on…

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25 May 2010

NEXT2010 by Vinegar Hill

David Altrogge at Vinegar Hill Pictures sent us this video and write up on a spot they produced for a Christian retreat. It has a very organic and shot-on-the-fly feel to it, which quite often takes a lot of prep to achieve. It sounds like David and the crew had their share of challenges, particularly with the decision to partially shoot this on 16mm film. Read on…

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29 Apr 2010

LAVAL VIRTUAL AWARDS 2010 show opener

The amazing talented Régis Hervagault of France was charged with creating an opener to the 12th Annual Laval Virtual Awards show. Using the Canon 5D Mark II, mad skills and eye for lighting in color, Régis has produced this extraordinary piece. If you’re interested in shooting fashion or bridals you’d do well to take note. Régis has put together a very comprehensive behind the scenes write-up, that’s our pleasure to bring you. Read on…

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21 Apr 2010

FILMWEB Commercial

I was impressed when I came across director Konrad Aksinowicz’s work. Commercial director from Poland (our thoughts and prayers to his country) directed this entertaining and surprise ending commercial film. He shares with us his thoughts and insights behind the project. Read on…

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06 Apr 2010

Nissan Sentra SE-R Drift Commercial

Fun car commercial shot by Nissan Canada. Thought you would enjoy this. Sure to make you do a double take. Included behind the scenes video. Read on…

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25 Mar 2010

Project: Ping Pong Casio Commercial

In the spirit of “Balls of Fury” (2007) comes this ping pong commercial shot for Casio. Mike Mier writer and director shares with us the “behind the scenes making of” in his production write-up. An over the top hilarious commercial certain to entertain we think you’ll appreciate the production value of this commercial shot on 35mm film. Read on…

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18 Mar 2010

Doritos Please Commercial Spot

“Introducing Señor Queso and his tasty tale.” Mike Goubeaux directed this Doritos commercial for the Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest. An absolutely hilarious commercial, this is one of the best Dorito commercials I’ve seen, certainly has the highest production value. Mike was kind enough to share his production write-up as well as director of photography Joshua Reis’s write-up. Read on…

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17 Mar 2010

The Future of Print. Well Sorta…

CultofMac just posted a link to this killer behind the scenes featurette about Viv Magazine’s all digital magazine. The magazine will target users of the upcoming Apple iPad and other tablets. Read on…

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12 Mar 2010

BMW M3 Film

Mouse McCoy of Bandito Brothers created and directed this hot BMW M3 spec commercial that’s already surpassed three quarters of a millions views on YouTube. We are able to provide Jacob Rosenberg’s production notes, all shot on the Canon 5D Mark II. Read on…

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11 Mar 2010

Porsche or Nothing

We were finally able to catch up with director of photography Brad Kremer, who shot this slick Porsche commercial for a Chicago Porsche dealer, to feature his awesome write-up. Read on…

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01 Mar 2010

“I Am Immune” Short Product Piece

Short film product piece based on the popular “I Am Legend” feature film starring Will Smith. I’ve included the production write-up. Read on.

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24 Feb 2010

Suzuki Commercial

Producer Seth Epstein has shared this slick Suzuki Commercial with us. He also has included the most comprehensive production write-up we have to date. Read on.

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17 Feb 2010

Skin Care Product shot on RED One & Canon 7D

Commercial shoot for a skin care product using the RED One & two Canon 7D’s. I’ve detailed the production notes, read on.

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