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25 Feb 2011

Patrick Lawler Demo Reel 2011

Friend to digital cinema foundry Patrick Lawler and often featured on dcf has just completed his 2011 demo reel. There is a lot of power in a demo reel. Read on…

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09 Feb 2011

EPIC Tarp Surfing

Talented friend, cinematographer and BYU grad Devin Graham is living the dream producing creative videos in Hawaii all the while getting paid for it. Read on…

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02 Apr 2010

Highlands To Himalayas by Trunk Films

Our new friends over at Trunk Films sent us a write up on their short film Highlands to Himalayas. The film chronicles the preparations of 23-year-old Steve Green in his attempts to climb Mount Everest. Read on…

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09 Mar 2010

“I Love my Friends” First Official Canon 5D Mark II video with 24p/25p firmware update

As mentioned earlier this is Canon Europe’s first official Canon 5D Mark II video with the firmware update for 24p and 25p as well as other added features (like audio level metering & histrogram). We were able to locate it on YouTube. Enjoy!!!

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09 Mar 2010

“I Love My Friends” Making of the first Canon 5D Mark II with 24p & 25p firmware update

Only a week out now for the firmware update adding 24p/25p to the Canon 5D Mark II and we found this behind the scenes making of the first video shot with the 24p firmware update by Canon Europe as well as the link to the film “I Love My Friends.” Read on…

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08 Mar 2010

“Down to Earth” Snowboard Podcast

So I discovered snowboarder and extreme winter sports filmmaker Parker Cross through a mutual friend, (thanks Aaron :) ). He gets into the Utah back country with his pals to produce awesome snowboard podcasts. His latest “Down to Earth” is the one we’re featuring today. He shares with us in his production write-up what tools and techniques are needed to film extreme winter sports in the back country. Read on.

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03 Mar 2010


Landis Fields and his team of colleagues have shared with us this excellent production write-up on a piece featuring cyclist Pete Billington. If this video doesn’t get you pumped about cycling and cinematography you better check your pulse. Read on.

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22 Feb 2010

Update: GoPro HD – Skimboarding In A Storm

Finally was able to catch up with Patrick Lawler to get his write-up on his viral “GoPro HD – Skimboarding In A Storm” that we featured last week. Read on to view his write-up!

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