Short Films

03 Aug 2011

A Young Filmmaker

Bryce Olson is a 15 year old up and comer. This is only his first serious attempt at filmmaking and he’s already showing promise. I was impressed by his attention to detail and showing visuals that support the story, (something that is often forgotten about). Rather than writing this young lad off, I’m sharing it with you so please “like” it or share feedback by commenting on his YouTube video!

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25 Feb 2011

Patrick Lawler Demo Reel 2011

Friend to digital cinema foundry Patrick Lawler and often featured on dcf has just completed his 2011 demo reel. There is a lot of power in a demo reel. Read on…

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13 Aug 2010

The Interventionist – By Vinegar Hill

David Altrogge just sent us a link of his new short, The Interventionist. Rather than sending us a traditional write-up he sent us a video of him discussing the piece. We have featured David’s work in the past and are happy to share this with you as well. Enjoy his comments and the piece.

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02 Jul 2010

“The Raven” with Behind the Scenes Video

So I am quite a bit late on this but nonetheless “The Raven” has been experiencing great success on Vimeo, demonstrating what can be done on a micro budget $5K with the right talent and crew. Shot on RED and incorporating stunning visual effects, it’s short films like this that launches careers, think “District 9.” With behind the scenes video be sure to check it out. Read on…

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28 Jun 2010

DSLR Slate/iPad App in Action

Alex Walker sent us some video of his short film shoot using the DSLR Slate App on an iPad. Looks very impressive. Read on…

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15 Jun 2010

More behind the scenes from “The Last 3 Minutes”

So they’ve been posted for awhile now but you’d do well to follow the blog of Shane Hurlbut, ASC. He’s out there like no other Hollywood D.P. seeking to educate and lift the small and independent film community. It takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication to produce production notes as our contributors have learned, let alone to produce behind the scenes videos. So I hope that you enjoy these two videos and that you pay attention and learn something from one of the greats! More great production write-up to come :) Read on…

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09 Jun 2010

Demo for Brody Dezember Photography

I haven’t really posted much of what I have been doing. I’ve pretty much been shooting weddings for the past few months with little time to pursue other “things”. However, I did take a detour for a few days and put together a profile for my buddy Brody Dezember. It’s a short “about” film for Brody to play for his clients “in-studio” and possibly show at wedding shows. Read on…

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06 Jun 2010

“Son of a Don” Short Film

We are pleased to bring you the short “Son of a Don” written and directed by Jamie Winterstern, USC film student. We had previously featured the trailer and now we’re bringing you the full short. With an exceptional story, characters and high production value you might just think you were watching a “hollywood” feature film, if it weren’t of course of it being a short film :) Read on…

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28 Apr 2010

ARRI Alexa World Cup

Stargate Studios a California based visual effects house is charged with performing a camera tests from time to time for companies like Sony, Canon and Arri. Their latest test is with the new ARRI Alexa camera, testing low light capability, dynamic range and visual effects integration. They were too busy working on a pilot to provide us a write-up on their results but we have included a “behind the scenes” video of their shoot. Read on…

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19 Apr 2010

“The Last 3 Minutes” Behind the Scenes

In the spirit of what we try to bring you here at digital cinema foundry, namely behind the scenes production write-ups. Shane Hurlbut, ASC has put together a behind the scenes video, viewable here and write-up on his blog. Read on…

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16 Apr 2010

The Story Beyond The Still Chapter 3 Winner – “The Beach”

So are you in the mood for an all-encompasing write up? So am I, and here it is. We are very fortunate to have this exclusive write up from the Chapter 3 winning film of The Story Beyond The Still competition. Read on…

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15 Apr 2010

I’m Finished by John X. Carey

I came across this fictional preview of a fictional TV Show about a fictional actor. It made me really want to see this show. Read on…

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08 Apr 2010

Chapter 3: Another Key Tomorrow “Story Beyond the Still”

We are pleased to bring you finalist entry “Another Key Tomorrow” by Austrian born Mike Kobal now living in NYC. Mike is a professional photographer turned filmmaker, exploiting the new HDSLR technology and inspiring others along the way. Mike was so kind to share with us his behind the scenes production write-up. Read on…

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08 Apr 2010

The Last 3 Minutes

From Shane Hurlbut, ASC, comes this short “The Last 3 Minutes” showcasing the 5D with the new 24p firmware. Sponsored by Canon and produced by Hurlbut Visuals and Bandito Brothers, Shane has posted an excellent production write-up over on his blog. Read on…

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06 Apr 2010

Chapter 3: Good and Evil “Story Beyond the Still”

With the conclusion of chapter 3 contest of Canon and Vimeo’s Story “Beyond the Still” contest, we’re once again featuring behind the scenes production write-ups from the finalists and winning entry. We’re pleased to bring you the finalist entry of Chapter 3: Good an Evil by writer and director Eric Won. Read on…

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