12 Aug 2010

Pictureline Movie Night: August 18th, 2010

I will be a presenting speaker at Pictureline’s Movie Night on August 18th in Salt Lake City featuring some recent commercial work I’ve worked on using HDSLR’s. I will be talking about color grading HDSLR material and what color grading solutions there are for HDSLR filmmakers. If you happen to live in the Utah or Salt Lake Valley areas I would encourage you to register and to come out. There will be representatives from Canon, Carl Zeiss, and Sennheiser and several different classes being offered.

More info:

To register: click here

Location & Date:
Pictureline Movie Night
Date: Aug. 18th 2010
Time: 7:00 pm
Location: 305 West 700 South

Class schedule:

2:00 pm Carl Zeiss compact primes

3:00 pm Canon DSLR video cameras.

4:00 pm Sennheiser audio class. 

Hope to see you there :)

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23 Jul 2010

Red Giant Software Releases Colorista II

Colorista II is Red Giant Software’s newest release of their wildly popular color grading software. Colorista II is an affordable option to expensive color grading software suites and allow users a host of comparable professional-level controls such as keying, power masks and multiple stages of color correction (primary, secondary and master stages). Read on…

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21 Jul 2010

Brightwood “Swan Song”

Talented filmmaker Dillon Novak had submitted a couple music videos to us a couple of months back. We’re just now able to show them to you. The first that we will be featuring is Swan Song, beautifully shot and set to some really cool locations. Read on…

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15 Jul 2010

First Footage with Sony NEX-VG10 Handycam Camcorder

The new Sony NEX camcorder is creating quite a buzz as the first affordable prosumer, fully-functional camcorder with interchangeable lenses. Read on…

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02 Jul 2010

“The Raven” with Behind the Scenes Video

So I am quite a bit late on this but nonetheless “The Raven” has been experiencing great success on Vimeo, demonstrating what can be done on a micro budget $5K with the right talent and crew. Shot on RED and incorporating stunning visual effects, it’s short films like this that launches careers, think “District 9.” With behind the scenes video be sure to check it out. Read on…

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30 Jun 2010

“Souvenir” Commercial

Julien Taillez frequent contributor to digital cinema foundry and talented frenchman in cinematography and color grading in After Effects has shared this great commercial piece. It’s amazing to see what can be accomplished with the right talent, a good plan and multiple HDSLR cameras. Read on…

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29 Jun 2010

Free Color Grading Hollywood Style Webinar with Ben Brownlee

There’s a free color grading webinar occurring right now at NewMediaWebinars.com from 10:00AM PDT to 11:30AM PDT on June 29th. Afterwards there’s a $25 fee to watch so check it out right now!

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28 Jun 2010

DSLR Slate/iPad App in Action

Alex Walker sent us some video of his short film shoot using the DSLR Slate App on an iPad. Looks very impressive. Read on…

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18 Jun 2010

Trial Kennedy – “Sunday Warning” Music Video

I love those music videos with randomness, in this case a guy running around in a clock suit, LOL. Aussie Toby Angwin directed this music video for the Aussie band Trial Kennedy. Fantastic song and the awkward drama that plays out with the guy in the clock suit I hope that you enjoy Toby’s write-up. Read on…

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18 Jun 2010

Bug? What bug? More like an infestation.

So if any of you follow Jim Jannard on his website, you will know he shares no love for the HDSLR movement. For obvious reasons in my opinion. They are flying off the shelves, while delays and new directions have pushed back the release of Scarlet for quite a while. He also has a very powerful line of cameras that don’t employ line skipping, and shoot upwards of 5-6K (and higher). They also have overcranking, which makes me weak in the knees. Read on…

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16 Jun 2010

“Save the Lost” campaign ad / free MBL presets

Solomon Ligthelm of Dubai (filmmaker, musician, motion graphics artist) has created this cool concept ad as part of a campaign for his church. He’s shared with us his production write-up, some screenshots and best of all his custom Magic Bullet Looks presets (that are available for download). Read on…

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15 Jun 2010

More behind the scenes from “The Last 3 Minutes”

So they’ve been posted for awhile now but you’d do well to follow the blog of Shane Hurlbut, ASC. He’s out there like no other Hollywood D.P. seeking to educate and lift the small and independent film community. It takes a tremendous amount of time and dedication to produce production notes as our contributors have learned, let alone to produce behind the scenes videos. So I hope that you enjoy these two videos and that you pay attention and learn something from one of the greats! More great production write-up to come :) Read on…

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09 Jun 2010

Demo for Brody Dezember Photography

I haven’t really posted much of what I have been doing. I’ve pretty much been shooting weddings for the past few months with little time to pursue other “things”. However, I did take a detour for a few days and put together a profile for my buddy Brody Dezember. It’s a short “about” film for Brody to play for his clients “in-studio” and possibly show at wedding shows. Read on…

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07 Jun 2010

“Porcelain” VFX with Canon 5D Mark II

Here is this really cool visual effects piece filmed with a Canon 5D Mark II and composited by Frenchman David Bobichon. If you’re interested in using VDSLR’s in composite work David has clearly demonstrated that they are adequate for doing visual effects. Created in 3DS Max and Nuke, David was kind enough to share with us the behind the scenes making of. Read on…

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06 Jun 2010

“Son of a Don” Short Film

We are pleased to bring you the short “Son of a Don” written and directed by Jamie Winterstern, USC film student. We had previously featured the trailer and now we’re bringing you the full short. With an exceptional story, characters and high production value you might just think you were watching a “hollywood” feature film, if it weren’t of course of it being a short film :) Read on…

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